1st Application

A well balanced insoluble fertilizer is applied to the roots of your trees and shrubs, as well as a preventative systemic insect control to help prevent damage from a variety of insects all season long. This is the first of five regularly scheduled tree and shrub applications which comprise the yearly Naturescene® Tree and Shrub Care Program.

This balanced fertilizer was applied with a lance injected into the root zone of your trees and shrubs and applied at 150-200 pounds of pressure laterally into the soil. The active feeder roots are located in the top 12" of trees and shrubs. These roots as opposed to the deeper anchorage roots are the ones that absorb water and nutrients maintaining plant health. Active root growth occurs in spring and late fall when soil temperatures are cooler.

Fertilizing the roots at this time will strengthen the trees and shrubs and improve health. Fertilizing trees and shrubs of the home landscape can be a very important part of maintaining an attractive landscape. Properly applied fertilizer will improve plant vigor, reverse a decline, and lessen susceptibility to pests or disease.

Next Application

In the months of May or June we will be back on your landscape. We will inspect all the trees and shrubs on your property for both current insect or disease problems and common potential problems. Those trees and shrubs requiring treatment will receive a systemic insect and disease control treatment.

Why Your Trees Need Fertilization

In a forest environment, trees are naturally fertilized by decaying plant and animal matter that continuously enriches the soil. In an urban or residential environment conditions are significantly different. Organic material is swept away long before it can return nutrients to the root areas. The soil is tightly packed, restricting the supply of water and air to the roots. The amount of water that a tree receives is frequently inadequate due to either neglect or dry climate. Add to this, the fact that we often plant trees and shrubs in places they should not be. This puts them under additional stress making them susceptible to insects and disease. Because of the absence of these essential nutrients and these additional stresses, tree and shrub fertilization is necessary.

4 Steps To A Healthy Landscape

We want your lawn to be the healthiest, most attractive landscape it can be. You can be assured Naturescene® will give your trees and shrubs the proper fertilizer through the year, and we will monitor and control damaging insect and disease problems. We will also provide professional consultation for your landscape. The following practices are steps that you can take that are extremely beneficial to the health and attractiveness of your landscape.

1. Maintain adequate watering during growing season during dry weather. This is so often neglected by homeowners but your landscape has the same or greater water needs than your lawn.

2. Keep trees and shrubs pruned regularly maintaining natural growth habits. Prune by thinning out older and diseased branches generally after flowering. Avoid topping and shearing on a consistent basis.

3. Keep trees and shrubs mulched. This helps retain moisture and keeps soil temperatures more consistent. It also benefits by preventing weed and grass growth that competes with the trees and shrubs root growth. It will also aid in minimizing mower and string trimmer damage.

4. Please consult your landscape specialist if you see any changes in your trees and shrubs appearance or you have any concerns with your landscape.

The Naturescene® Guarantee

Your Naturescene® specialist is committed to making you happy with our service and your lawn and landscape. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of our services or you have any questions or concerns, please call your area branch office and we will be happy to take care of them free of charge within 72 hours.

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