The biggest mistakes homeowners make in caring for their lawns are not mowing often enough and mowing with dull mowers set to cut at 2-1/2" or less. The result of such mowing is a thinned, shallow-rooted turf which does not compete well against weeds and which cannot withstand diseases, insects, and environmental stress. Lawns mowed at 3" to 4.5" will be healthier, better looking, and last much longer.

Mow the lawn frequently enough so that you never take off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time. Excessive leaf removal slows root growth. Root growth may not start for a month. This inhibited root growth reduces the plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients. This may mean you have to mow more than once a week especially in the spring. A lawn should not be mowed on a regular schedule but as needed. If you follow this rule, you will not cause the turf undue stress and you will not have to remove the clippings. It is beneficial to NOT remove the clippings because they contain nutrients which can be returned to the lawn. Clippings do not cause thatch, as they decompose quite rapidly. Only very long clippings, which would smother the grass, should be removed. However, if you adhere to the "1/3 of the grass blade" rule, you will never have a problem with long clippings.

Be sure to have your lawn mower blade sharpened several times during the mowing season. A dull blade tears and shreds the grass, causing the lawn to have a brownish cast and making it very susceptible to diseases.

Naturescene® offers a mowing service in most areas to help you care for your lawn. Our mowing service page has more information or you may call your local branch for more details.


1) Mow frequently
2) Keep clippings short
3) Leave clippings on the ground
4) Use a well sharpened blade
5) Do not cut grass short
6) Alternate mowing directions each mowing

These tips are designed to help inform you about proper cultural practices such as mowing and watering and common basic lawn problems that may arise. If you ever have any concerns about your lawn or our services please call us.

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