Core Aeration is one of the best things you can have done for your lawn. Not only does it reduce your thatch layer, but it helps stimulate root growth which is required for a healthy thick lawn.


Aeration is the practice by which hollow tines extract cores from your turf of soil and thatch with minimal tearing of the surface.


Aeration can provide the necessary boost to a marginal lawn and a rejuvenation to others. As nature breaks up the cores, the soil will filter into the turf and support the microbial decomposition of the undisturbed thatch. Air and water entering the coring holes will also enhance decomposition of the thatch while promoting deeper root growth.
Some of the advantages are listed below:
1) Stimulated root and shoot growth
2) Thatch buildup is reduced.
3) Soil layering is disrupted.
4) Optimum water penetration.
5) Improved fertilizer response.
6) Better drying of wet soils.
7) Increased gas exchange between soil and air.


Naturescene® offers aeration at very reasonable prices in the spring and fall. Please see our aeration service page or contact your local branch for more details.

These tips are designed to help inform you about proper cultural practices such as mowing and watering and common basic lawn problems that may arise. If you ever have any concerns about your lawn or our services please call us.

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